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Common Mistakes Nonprofits Make That Hurt Their Fundraising Effectiveness

Working with clients for 18 years now, Hammond & Associates has encountered a set of common mistakes that some nonprofits tend to make. Raising money is almost always a very challenging proposition and mistakes can make the task all the more difficult. Here are a few of the mistakes we...
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Why We Exist

We have all seen first-hand the impact the nonprofit sector has had on the quality of life and resurgence of our region. This has not been an accident. It is the result of nonprofits quietly going about their work every day and transforming, enriching – sometimes even saving – the...
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Five Fundraising Trends for Nonprofit Organizations in 2023

As we move into the new year, it’s important for nonprofit organizations to focus on fundraising trends. This will help you make the most of your resources and maximize the impact of your development program. Here are five trends to watch out for in 2023. 1. The economy will present...
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Fundraising Lessons Learned in 2022

2022 was a challenging year for non-profits. The pandemic has faded, but the aftereffects will linger for years. With the economic downturn, many donors began to trim their donations as the year ended. Read more in this post about the lessons we learned in 2022 that will guide our strategies...
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6 Principles of Successful Fundraising Campaigns

Supporting 5 Things You Need for Success are the following principles for successful campaigns: Positioning Relative to the Competition.The most attractive charitable organizations stand out from the crowd. They know how to distinguish themselves as philanthropic investment opportunities and set themselves apart from others which compete for the attention of...
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5 Key Elements of Fundraising Success

by Virginia Fallis with much nodding and concurring from Chuck Hammond Our experience of over 25 years has taught us that there are five undeniable, non-negotiable elements that must be in place for campaigns to be successful.  These elements may take unique shape at each organization, but they are, in spirit, fundamental...
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Chuck Hammond Podcast Interview with Matt Dery

Matt Dery  0:02 This is The Empowering Futures Podcast Network. Alright, here we are everybody it is indeed another edition of Living the Life Method. Matt Dery with you. Episode number two if you missed the first podcast with the light methods, Dinette Bell, of course the co-founder and Life...
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Chuck Hammond Recognized by His Peers
Awarded the Dr. John S. Lore Award

 The DR. JOHN S. LORE AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING FUNDRAISING EXECUTIVE is for an outstanding individual fundraising executive who practices his/her profession in an exemplary manner. The recipient must have at least ten years of professional fundraising experience, evidence of quality of leadership and acting as a team player, be...
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B Corporations

On July 17, Delaware became the 19th state to enact benefit corporation legislation, which goes into effect on August 1. What are benefit corporations, why is it suddenly newsworthy now that Delaware has sanctioned them, and what does this have to do with nonprofit organizations? According to the Benefit Corporation...
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