Why We Exist

We have all seen first-hand the impact the nonprofit sector has had on the quality of life and resurgence of our region. This has not been an accident. It is the result of nonprofits quietly going about their work every day and transforming, enriching – sometimes even saving – the lives of those they serve.

At Hammond & Associates, this is also our life’s work. We partner with the nonprofit clients we serve in raising more money, building stronger organizations and developing better leaders to meet the mission and transform the lives of those they serve – the children, families…the hungry and homeless…the economically disadvantaged…as well as the patients and students in our community.

Our work is life-changing and challenging, but also deeply satisfying.

We don’t believe in short cuts. To achieve systemic change, we adhere to best practices. And we believe in them because mastering the fundamentals is the key to success in any profession.

Our profession is philanthropy. We are first and foremost unapologetic fundraisers and experienced problem solvers.

It all begins with three core principles.

One is analytics. We pride ourselves in the depth of our analysis and interpretation of donor data. The data tells the story, reveals the truth and charts a pathway forward for our clients in pursuing increased philanthropy.

The second is relationship-building. Our profession is not sales or simply “closing” the big gift. It is about building an authentic relationship between a nonprofit, its mission and the donor. Good fundraisers and consultants have learned how to facilitate this process and manage all the “ins and outs” of strengthening the bond between the cause and the donor. Without it, the big gift is not possible.

The third is leadership. Time and again, we have seen where exceptional leadership produces outstanding results. Our board members and campaign leaders are the unsung heroes in our community. They come first and deserve our applause.

Our goal in this blog is to open a dialogue with you. In future blogs, we hope to educate, inspire and, occasionally, to entertain you!

If you need help or have questions, just let me know. (I can be reached on my cell at 248-310-4560.)

Thanks for caring.