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Studies & Assessments

Studies and assessments are a Hammond specialty.

  • Feasibility & Planning Studies
  • Philanthropic Market Assessments
  • Campaign Readiness Studies
  • Development Audits & Assessments

Testing your campaign is arguably the most critical step.  Is the timing right?  Are your plans for growth overly ambitious or could you achieve more?  Is the financial goal reasonable?  How are you viewed in the philanthropic community and will they come together to support your effort?  Where should you go for leadership gifts?  What areas should you shore up before starting a campaign?

We have spent years fine-tuning our study process and we deliver the best product.  We conduct personal, confidential interviews with existing donors and prospects, community and foundation leaders, philanthropists, Board members and key staff.  We examine your donor base, development activities, historical fundraising performance and marketing and communications efforts. Then, we analyze all of the information and data, make recommendations for moving forward, and present an in-depth report.

Our feasibility and readiness studies, market assessments and audits will uncover everything you need to do to get ready for a campaign.

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