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Hammond is not typical among nonprofit consultants. Partners in counsel, Chuck Hammond and Virginia Fallis, bring a depth of understanding and hands-on performance that others may promise yet rarely deliver.  From Hammond, you can be assured to gain not only a disciplined and realistic perspective on NON-PROFIT MANAGEMENT, CAMPAIGN STRATEGY and EXECUTION, you will also achieve access to higher levels of thinking and understanding of philanthropy in the current era.  Hammond eschews the gimmicks and glad-handing that are all too familiar in this business.  Instead, this firm emphasizes and delivers in-depth understanding and practical solutions to the challenges facing nonprofits today.  If you are looking for a consultant, you might easily overlook Hammond.  But if you’re looking for an effective and enjoyable partner, YOU NEED NOT LOOK FURTHER

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To get your fundraising house in order, Hammond offers all the expertise you’ll ever need. We offer a range of services and can provide a consulting package that fits your budget.  We’ll even let you know what to expect in advance of bringing us in to help.

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“Done” is not good enough.  At Hammond, we believe that doing things the right way pays off and puts you in a much stronger position to sustain your fundraising success.

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Chuck Hammond Recognized by His Peers
Awarded the Dr. John S. Lore Award

The DR. JOHN S. LORE AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING FUNDRAISING EXECUTIVE honors an outstanding individual fundraising executive who practices his/her profession in an exemplary manner. The recipient must demonstrate a successful track record in fundraising, provide evidence of leadership in the profession of institutional advancement, and embody a commitment to continuing professional development, including participation in AFP, as well as philanthropy and team play through volunteer service and financial support of non-profit organizations. Chuck Hammond was recently recognized by his peers of AFP – Greater Detroit Chapter as the 2020 recipient of the Dr. John S. Lord Award for Outstanding Fundraising Executive during the National Philanthropy Day celebration this past November.  

Our Thoughts On The Matter

Six Principles of Successful Campaigns
Supporting 5 Things You Need for Success are the following principles for successful campaigns: Positioning Relative to the Competition.The most attractive charitable organizations stand out from the crowd. They know ...
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5 Things You Need for Success
by Virginia Fallis with much nodding and concurring from Chuck Hammond Our experience of over 25 years has taught us that there are five undeniable, non-negotiable elements that must be in place ...
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Detroit’s National Philanthropy Day 2020: Rising to the Challenge Together
Here is a collection of extended video’s from Detroit’s 2020 National Philanthropy Day program. This originally aired on November 22, 2020 on Detroit’s Public TV as National Philanthropy Day 2020: ...
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B Corporations
On July 17, Delaware became the 19th state to enact benefit corporation legislation, which goes into effect on August 1. What are benefit corporations, why is it suddenly newsworthy now ...
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The Overhead Myth
Three organizations that publish information on charities launched a campaign this month that challenges the perception donors have about operating costs. GuideStar, Charity Navigator, and the BBB Wise Giving Alliance ...
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This year, the Chronicle has turned its attention to turnover of development staff at nonprofits.  The short version:  it is rampant, and it is problematic. In a recent survey, half ...
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The Psychology of Giving
In the New York Times recent section on giving, you will find the transcript of a conversation with Dr. Jen Shang - the world's first Ph.D. in philanthropy and only ...
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Confirmed: Boards Engaged in Fundraising Significantly Impact the Bottom Line
In September 2012, the Nonprofit Research Collaborative released a report on the impact Board members have on an organization's fundraising goals. The study confirmed what you already know: a Board ...
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Prospect Research on a Shoestring
Do you believe that prospect research and wealth screening is out of reach for your organization? Well, think again. Armed with curiosity and a handful of tools, you can put ...
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C. David Campbell and David Page
Hammond & Associates is saddened by the passing of C. David Campbell and David Page.  For many years, we had the distinct pleasure of working closely with these two extraordinary ...
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