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Leadership Development

The Hammond team has been on all sides of the leadership table.

  • Leadership & Board Training
  • Strategic Board Recruitment
  • Coaching

We've worked both sides - as consultants, fundraising executives and board members.  Are you looking for leadership that will take your organization to the next level, or do you simply want to re-energize your Board?  Do you need to strengthen your Board and Committees?  Does your Board need to focus more on fundraising?  Is your Board’s leadership faced with challenging goals and needs some coaching to achieve them?

We understand that every organization is unique with its own set of opportunities and challenges.  We will tailor our leadership development solutions to meet your organization’s specific needs and set the course to a committed, highly functioning Board and executive team.

Have a question about Board leadership?  Ask Hammond.

Our Thoughts On The Matter

This year, the Chronicle has turned its attention to turnover of development staff at nonprofits.  The short version:  it is rampant, and it is problematic. In a recent survey, half ...
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Confirmed: Boards Engaged in Fundraising Significantly Impact the Bottom Line
In September 2012, the Nonprofit Research Collaborative released a report on the impact Board members have on an organization's fundraising goals. The study confirmed what you already know: a Board ...
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We are a great resource for fundraising professionals and nonprofit leadership.  Have a question about Hammond & Associates, philanthropy, campaigns, nonprofit management, governance, or anything related?

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Our Philosphy

We believe in treating the underlying cause, not the symptom. Hammond is the best value in town – not only do we help you achieve your goals, we leave you with the knowledge and tools you need to sustain your hard-earned success.

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