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Campaign Counsel

The Hammond team has seen it all.

  • Capital Campaigns
  • Endowment Campaigns
  • Comprehensive Campaigns
  • Campaign Planning

Your plans for growth – whether they include new facilities, endowment-building for a sustainable future  or an expansion of program services – won’t throw us for a loop.

No matter how complex, ambitious or enterprising the campaign, we can help you from start to finish.

At the start, you’ll likely have a lot of questions or concerns – perhaps even anxiety – about undertaking a major fundraising effort. Questions like: “Can we make a compelling case to the philanthropic community? Are they ready to throw support behind our plans for growth? Do we have a large enough pool of cultivated prospects to achieve the goal? Are there gaps in our development department that need to be filled? What role does my Board need to play in the campaign? What kind of support do they need from staff to be successful? Do we need to enlist the participation of community leaders beyond our board?”

So, where do you start with a campaign? We can help answer your questions, address your concerns, and assuage your anxieties. We can chart the course for the campaign and provide you with a solid, in-depth campaign plan.

Throughout the course of the campaign, we never shy away from the heavy lifting. We’ll make sure that the case statement is clear and inspirational and that campaign communications consistently reinforce the key messages for support, whatever the medium. We’ll help you develop sound strategies for building relationships, putting together volunteer campaign leadership and, ultimately, bringing in the gifts.

If you find yourself nearing the end of a campaign without momentum, we can come to the rescue. We will work with you to re-energize your campaign, determine which resources out there are untapped, and uncover any potential diamonds in the rough.

Have a  question about campaign counsel?  Ask Hammond.

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