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Capacity Building

Hammond understands that organizations sometimes need new direction and purpose.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Infrastructure Assessments
  • Solicitation Training
  • Executive Search

Do you want a clear plan for the future?  Is your organization positioned to implement and execute a plan?  Is there a gap in executive leadership that needs to be filled?

We can walk you through everything that needs to be done to transform your organization into the well-oiled machine that achieves both immediate and long-term goals.  From managing the search for new leadership to providing a road map that takes you well into the future, you can rest easy knowing that Hammond is on the case.

We will work closely with you, across all levels of leadership, to address key planning issues.  We help answer important questions about your future.  What can you be doing to advance your mission in the community?  Do you have the right staff and Board resources and what role do they play in your success now and in the future?  What should your organization look like in three to five years?

Got a question about capacity building?  Ask Hammond.

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We are a great resource for fundraising professionals and nonprofit leadership.  Have a question about Hammond & Associates, philanthropy, campaigns, nonprofit management, governance, or anything related?

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Our Philosphy

We believe in treating the underlying cause, not the symptom. Hammond is the best value in town – not only do we help you achieve your goals, we leave you with the knowledge and tools you need to sustain your hard-earned success.

Detroit, Michigan
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