Confirmed: Boards Engaged in Fundraising Significantly Impact the Bottom Line

In September 2012, the Nonprofit Research Collaborative released a report on the impact Board members have on an organization’s fundraising goals.

The study confirmed what you already know: a Board engaged in fundraising is necessary.

Other key findings and recommendations include:

  • Organizations with a Development Committee were more likely to reach their goal.
  • Presenting Board members with a menu of options to engage in fundraising was most successful.
  • Setting a minimum annual gift amount for Board members as part of their role and responsibilities resulted in a deeper  level of investment and involvement.
  • More Board members didn’t necessarily mean more engagement.

The entire report is worth the time to read.   If you don’t have a strong fundraising Board, consider adding it to the agenda for discussion at your next Board meeting.  It may be exactly what is needed to jumpstart leadership into action.